Maternity Boudoir Photography// New Moms

Many of you know that I photograph maternity boudoir photography in the St. Louis, MO area.  This time in a woman’s life is such a magical moment (and very uncomfortable at other times).  I love being able to capture it for my beautiful clients.  Check out a recent maternity boudoir session here.

maternity boudoir photography// cream maternity dress/ photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown// St. Louis, MO//

Preparing for your new bundle of joy

My sister is currently pregnant (and so cute pregnant, too) and due in May. She is the first of the two of us to experience pregnancy. It has been fun trying to figure out what we need to prepare for and we’ve had so much fun planning her baby shower.

While planning her baby shower, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of things a new mom will need to prepare.  I know those first few months will be a huge change. Hopefully, prepping in advance with things recommended by moms will make the transition easier!  I asked my past maternity boudoir photography clients for some suggestions and compiled this list below.  I am the first to admit I don’t know what half of this is. If it’s on the wrong list, please forgive me! I am excited to watch my sister figure it out before I have to!

maternity boudoir photography// white lace maternity dress/ photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown// St. Louis, MO//


List: New moms//How to prepare for your new baby// nursery items//taking care of yourself//



  • 3-4 newborn gowns
  • Zipper onesies
  • Sleepers
  • 2 packs of white onesies

List: New moms//How to prepare for your new baby// nursery items//taking care of yourself//


  • Dr. Brown’s Bottles
  • Kiinde Bottle Warmer
  • Kiinde Breast Milk Bags
  • Dr. Brown’s formula Dispenser
  • Diaper cloths for burping

Diaper bags

  • Jujube
  • Dokoclub Diaper bag backpack


  • Jogging stroller- much easier to push.

List: New moms//How to prepare for your new baby// nursery items//taking care of yourself//


  • Boppy newborn lounger
  • Rock and Play
  • Mamaroo infant seat
  • Dock a tot
  • Vibrating bouncy seat
  • Graco Pack n Play with sheet
  • Fisher Price Play Yard
  • Bumbo Floor seat
  • Chico High Chair


  • Nose Frida
  • Saline Solution
  • Oogiebear
  • Honest Company Healing Balm
  • Mommy Bliss Gripe water
  • Burt’s Bee’s Baby Wash, lotion, diaper rash cream
  • Gas drops
  • Boon’s Grass drying rack
  • car seat mirror
  • mam pacifiers and dips
  • Graco Click Connect Travel System with 2 bases
  • Baby Einstein Videos
  • Classical Music CD
  • Draft Baby Detergent

List: New moms//How to prepare for your new baby// nursery items//taking care of yourself//

Prepping for the hospital

Thankfully, my mom is a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital where my sister will deliver.  She will be sure my sister is prepared, but here are a few suggestions from new moms fresh from delivering their babies!

  • Adult depends are WAY better than the undies and pads the hospital gives you
  • Dermaplast spray in the blue can
  • Padsicles
  • Coconut oil if breastfeeding
  • Plenty of snacks
  • Huge water bottle or cup

Taking Care of Yourself

Most of the new moms that I spoke to said self care is also important.  You are going to want to spend all of your time with your new bundle of joy.  You HAVE to take care of yourself after and allow your body to heal. If your sister, mom, or best friend want to watch your precious baby to give you a break to let you nap, take advantage of the offer! There’s no shame in self-care and it’s essential!

maternity boudoir photography// cream maternity dress/ photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown// St. Louis, MO//

Maternity Boudoir Session

Don’t forget to book your maternity boudoir photography session at around 7 months.  This is about the time your bump isn’t too big that you are miserable, but still big enough to be seen in the photos! Click here to get in touch with me!

One more tip: Be sure to check out my Pinterest boards as well for more pins for new moms. Preparing for a newborn is as exciting as is it scary, but you so got this!



Boudoir Pinterest Board

Pinterest is my guilty pleasure. Do I ever actually use it for crafts or DIY projects? Nope. I’ll never be a super crafty person. My husband is, but I promise you won’t find him on Pinterest looking for ideas on what to build next. You probably won’t find him on a Boudoir Pinterest Board either 😉

So, what do I do on Pinterest? I scroll through at night looking for places I would love to travel, browse the humor, and look for recipes (I actually do cook these) to help myself wind down from a day of work. I also love to pin to my boudoir Pinterest board.

Honestly though, for women of all ages- from brides (or soon to be brides), to newlyweds, and to moms, Pinterest is kind of awesome.

Why Check out Pinterest for Boudoir  Inspiration?

Most photographers cringe when they hear “I have a Pinterest board. Do you want to see my inspiration?” I don’t! I love Pinterest boards and I really do think there is a ton of inspo on it! I may not copy the exact pose you bring in, but what I love is seeing what everyone else loves.

There are so many pins on Pinterest that you can definitely get inspired. Plus, the fashion and the hair and makeup tend to lean towards the current trends and that makes me happy. We all want to be trendy, right? Especially now since fashion is so much better than it was ten years ago (or is that just my opinion)?

Black Good American Bodysuit/ long blonde hair/ boudoir photo/ Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown//St. Louis, MO Boudoir Photography

What are on my Boudoir Pinterest Boards?

I do have Pinterest boards for photography- suggestions for what to wear, hair and makeup, and poses(although don’t worry, I pose you from head to toe). I also have boards my clients would possibly enjoy following! I try very hard to pin 8-10 different pins every day, so there is always new content out there! Here is a screenshot so you can see my Pinterest. I would love it if you follow!

personal pinterest boards// Boudoir by Tracy Brown// St. Louis, MO

I have clients from 20-55, so I want to be able to share something on my Pinterest for everyone. Body positivity, travel plans, fashion, home decor, local shops, exercise and nutrition are a few of the boards.

For my brides, I have a board literally “For the Brides”. I love to pin wedding inspiration, honeymoon destinations that sound fun, local vendors, and of course a few boudoir photos. I also have a local STL wedding vendor board that my St. Louis, MO brides should definitely check out.

For the moms and moms to be, I have some boards specifically for you. My baby fever board is for the moms to be. I am so sorry if you feel there are too many elephant themed nurseries on this one. I love elephants and if we can ever actually get pregnant (maybe one day I will consider writing a blog about that issue), I am totally doing an elephant themed nursery. My niece was in my bedroom this past weekend and said to me, “Tracy, why do you have a family of elephants in your room?”

maternity boudoir photo// black lace gown// long red hair// Maternity Boudoir Photography// Boudoir by Tracy Brown//St. Louis, MO// Boudoir Pinterest Board

I also have a board for parenting. It has kid-friendly restaurants in STL, travel ideas, recipes, and more. Some of the family-friendly vacations look like somewhere I would love to go as well!

Follow my Boudoir Pinterest Board

I linked Boudoir Pinterest board above, but I would still love for you to follow my boards. I will do my best to follow you back as well!

Is there something I am missing on my boards? Do you have an idea for a board I should start? Let me know!

For more inspiration–

Self Confidence and Boudoir Photos//St. Louis, MO

Body image and confidence…  The client in the gym every day of the week who is a size 00 finds something to compromise her confidence. I have had plus size clients with gorgeous hair, skin, beautiful curves with confidence issues as well. The point is, we could all use a boost in confidence.

confident curvey women//denim button up shirt/ coffee cup// boudoir photo// Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown// St. Louis, MO

Putting Others First

As women, we tend to put others ahead of ourselves. Woman balance  commitments, jobs, appointments, crazy, changing schedules. There is a constant demand for our attention. My clients are mothers, wives, girlfriends, students, caretakers, and/or mediators of never ending family drama.  It’s an exhausting cycle, which ends with us falling in bed at night, not remembering who we really are. Sure, sure… an occasional purchase of a new pair of jeans, make-up, or even jewelry, maybe a pedicure and manicure. If you think about it, how long do those treats give you that lasting confident feeling? Not long, right? Yep, you’re dragged back into the mundane and constant care of others.

white bra and panty set/ white lingerie// confidence// self love// long blonde hair// exercise// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown// St. Louis, MO

Here’s the point ladies. You are amazing, and if you took some time you would see that you deserve much more. It is easy to find yourself in a rut and tell yourself you don’t need to be spoiled. Take the time to simply indulge in a consult with me. Clients find that they have a sense of ease with me. I understand that imagining yourself in front of a camera with someone you hardly know can be daunting.  I love getting to know you at the initial consult. 

Our session together is super personal. The time with me is all about you. Mimosas to start, hair and makeup to feel your best, and time in front of the camera to prove your beauty!

New Found Confidence

I am proud to say that I have been able to exceed client exceptions in sessions.  Many women leave their sessions with a new found confidence. After seeing your photos, you can be confident in knowing that you really are gorgeous! 

curvey women// black heels// gray sweater//white fur rug// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown// St. Louis, MO

The year 2018 is the year to learn to love yourself. Boudoir by Tracy Brown has started off with a bang! Clients tell me at the session or consult this is as gift for their significant other as well as a gift for themselves. All shapes and sizes have been in and every one has left feeling like a new woman.  

Your experience can be life changing. I want your session with me to positively impact the current chapter of life and your future self. Several clients have explained the life changing confidence they have gained which caused them to switch gears in their career to help other woman with confidence and body issues. It gives me “happy chills.” I love inspiring women to love themselves. Flaws are a sign of love, commitment, and hard work! Who you are as a confident, strong woman should be celebrated, not shamed and ridiculed. 

flannel scarf//victoria's secret underwear//knee high knit socks//cream chaise lounge// photo by Boudoir by tracy Brown// St. Louis, MO


“Thank you much for taking  beautiful pictures. It was hard to not cry. It was crazy seeing myself that way. You did great job and helped me feel comfortable. Thank you again!”- Katrina

“Today made me feel beautiful! You girls are the sweetest! Down to Earth, I was uncomfortable for 3.2 seconds….. Such amazing work you do! EVERY woman should experience this.”- Brandy

“Having always had self image issues, Tracy truly brought out the natural beauty and confidence I didn’t realize I had. Her demeanor was calm and collected and made me comfortable. The photos are beyond gorgeous and I can’t wait to show them to my husband!! Truly top quality!!” – Liz

“Tracy made me feel gorgeous and comfortable. It was as if we had known each other for years. I’m grateful she captured these moments for my gift to my husband. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.”- Brittney

More Testimonials

“After my initial meeting with Tracy, I KNEW she would be the photographer I would chose for my boudoir photo session. Tracy has a calm, reassuring aura about her that instantly put me at ease. Tracy produce beautiful work. She personifies professionalism. I am extremely grateful for Tracy and her talent. She captured me in ways I hadn’t seen myself before. It has done wonders for my self confidence. After my photo shoot with Tracy, I left her studio feeling BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT- two words that I never thought I’d use to describe myself. I have a BEAUTIFUL album and wall portraits to document this chapter of my life, and I made a friend :)”- Ali. See her session here.

Most Recent Testimonial from Heather

“The morning of my session, my significant other is watching me run around the house preparing everything I needed for his big birthday gift. He knew how anxious I was. This is totally outside of my comfort zone even though it was my idea. I wanted him to have something really special. He is an amazing person and deserves it. On the way to the shoot, driving in the car, he takes my hand and tells me that it’s all going to be fine, not to be nervous. He went on to tell me that he hopes that the photos show me how he looks at me every day. I am a very harsh judge on myself and don’t take compliments well. Tracy made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and the outcome was more than I could have asked for.

The ordering session was great, being able to see myself through her lens in a way I had never looked at myself before. For the first time in our relationship, I know how he sees me. I have never felt more beautiful and confident in myself.

The Best Part

The best part of this experience was that when the album was given to my boyfriend, he told me that he loved it but the real gift was how it made me feel. He saw the confidence that it gave me and he said I was glowing now. It’s amazing how a photo session can change your whole life. It has inspired me to work towards becoming a personal trainer and a fitness model. Instilling the feelings that Tracy gave me through something that wasn’t even supposed to be about me at all. Thank you so much for changing my life and showing me that it’s not about all the little things that I see as flaws but just how beautiful I am as a whole and how it makes me unique.”- Heather.

I truly hope you will take some time to gift yourself a dose of self confidence. This is the year to fall in love with you. Bonus, this can be a gift for him as well! 

Get in touch with me here to schedule your consultation with me!

5 Things NOT to Bring to your Boudoir Session

Preparing for the Boudoir Session

I love writing about how to prepare and what to expect for your boudoir session. I think it’s especially important to know what to bring in so far as flattering outfits that will help your sexiest self shine in the photographs. Boudoir photography is all about self-confidence and showing your best self­– I want that for all of my clients! While I focus so much on what to bring, I have made a list of what NOT to bring based on my experience in my studio.
You can’t go wrong with a Calvin Klein boudoir session– crop and briefs | Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis

What NOT to Bring

  • Long necklaces

In my experience, long necklaces just don’t lay very beautifully and can make an otherwise gorgeous photo look off. Of course, if you have a necklace that is meaningful and sentimental, we can make it work! But I highly advise against any sort of costume jewelry– in this case, less is more.
A deep v neck blouse accessorized with metal bangles and gorgeous earrings | Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

  • Kitten Heels

I know, this seems counterintuitive– boudoir photographs are supposed to be sexy and what’s sexier than kitten heels? Well, a lot of things! These are YOUR photos and unless kitten heels are truly your personality and you wear them all the time, don’t go buy any for your session or leave them in your closet. I promise you will look sexy without them!

  • Tight Clothes

Perfect fitting thong and a striped crop// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL
Any bras that are too tight, underwear that digs into your skin, jeans that are tight around the waist, leave them at home. Always size up for boudoir sessions– always! You want to dress for your body and love your body! It’s not worth wearing a smaller size for the sake of it and then having unflattering pinching in photographs. Save yourself the trouble! Treat yourself to a new bra and panties set that fit you like a glove and don’t squeeze you in. For ideas and inspiration on how to dress for your body for a boudoir session, check out my series of outfit ideas.

Ok, my next two items are not tangible but still so important!

  • Attitude is everything

Do try to leave any negativity at home. If some follows you to the studio, I’ll help you shake it and make it a possible experience! But do your best to be open to the experience! I know it’s a new venture for many of my clients but I promise you it will be a great day! And positive vibes make it even better! And if you’re feeling positive on the inside, it will make for better photographs.
Bringing some personality to the boudoir session: a favorite flannel, matching chucks, your favorite team’s baseball cap, with lingerie underneath// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis

  • This Misconception

Forget the notion that this is all for your significant other. Of course, it can make for a gift for your special someone but when it comes down to it, it’s for YOU as well. The day is really all about you and giving you the space to feel your sexiest. Helping women realize their (awesomeness) is what gets me going everyday– Boudoir is absolutely for the woman (maybe even more so than your significant other!) When it’s all said and done and you have your album and maybe a wall portrait, you’ll realize that this experience is definitely about you as well!
Sexy Lingerie set with black heels// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St Louis

To Read More

Here are some more posts from my blog that will help you feel prepared for your session!
Boudoir Wall Portraits
Ali’s session
Keely’s session

Schedule your Session Today!

Wanting to experience boudoir for yourself? Get in touch with me here or at! I can’t wait to talk to you about your upcoming session and your outfits! <3

Boudoir by Tracy Brown Giveaway Winner!

The Boudoir Giveaway

As promised, there is a winner for my special boudoir giveaway! Before I spill the beans and tell you who won, I want to take a moment to explain why this special woman was selected. While I love providing the magical boudoir session for you to share with your significant other, I’m all about having a boudoir session for YOU! You deserve to feel your best self and sexy. We are so busy caring for everyone else but boudoir is SO GOOD to give back some love back to yourself!
boudoir photography session pouring champagne photo// Boudoir by Tracy Brown

And the Winner Is…

A fantastic woman who is all about pushing herself out of her comfort zone! The special winner, Virginia, is a remarkable woman who has two little ones, is a devoted wife of 10 years, and manages a team of employees at work! Virginia is ready to push herself to try new things for personal growth and excitement! Needless to say, I am SO EXCITED for my session with Virginia and give her a fun confidence boost with boudoir! Congratulations, Virginia!

The Fun Session Details

To enter the contest, applicants told me what they envisioned for their session and I love Virginia’s ideas! For wardrobe, she wants to wear a sexy black bra and panty lace set with a fun pair of heels– she considered a corset but did her homework and read on the blog how I don’t recommend that. For makeup, she wants a sexy smokey eye to bring out her gorgeous hazel eyes. She wants to wear her hair down with curls. I know that my hair and makeup gals will make this happen!
Hello Gorgeous! Love a cute mug in a boudoir shot with cozy and sexy lingerie// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

Congratulations, Virginia!

I’m so excited to have my session with Virginia soon! I love that she wants this not only for her husband but also for herself. She’s such a giving person and I’m excited that she can take some time for herself!
Congratulations, Virginia!
If you’re constantly caring for others and ready to put yourself first and feel sexy, email me at !
Boudoir Giveaway Winner// Gorgeous white lingerie// Boudoir by Tracy Brown
boudoir session//privacy// long sleeve shirt/ black panties//boudoir by tracy brown//st louis

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-Ali’s session
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-Why You Should Get a Boudoir Wall Portrait

Why You Should Get that Wall Portrait // St Louis Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography & Wall Portraits

When you think of boudoir photography, you probably think of a very intimate and private experience– which in many ways it is. The only people at your session are you, the hair and makeup artist, and me. And perhaps you want an album to take away from your session that’s just for you and your partner to look at tucked away from the kids and the rest of the world. While I definitely want my clients to walk away with an album as a tangible memory , I want them to consider getting a wall portrait along with their album to show the world!

Okay, I’m not talking about the sexiest, raciest of your photos and have you prominently displayed over your mantle in your lingerie, unless you want to! Those photos you can keep in your album. But there are so many kinds of boudoir photos that you can display in great taste! My gorgeous client Alli got an album and a few wall portraits– you can see them on the post about her session here! <
Oversized white button down– perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

Why You Should Consider a Wall Portrait With Your Album

Here’s the biggest reason why you should get a wall portrait: YOU are BEAUTIFUL! So often we forget and get caught up in limiting beliefs about ourselves and negative self-talk. I devote my life to boudoir photography to help women realize their beauty and how amazing they are. Your wall portrait serves as a visual cue to remind you how beautiful and worthy you are!

Self Esteem Boost

Psychologically, it has been proven that photographs on the wall will help boost your self esteem. Most of us are doing a boudoir session to boost our self esteem right? I think it’s fair to say that many of us haven’t felt super beautiful or glamorous since our college days or our wedding days (which I think is really sad!). So, we book a boudoir session for our significant other, but really the session ends up being for ourselves– which is a good thing!
Comfy scoop neck grey sweater and light grey knit knee high socks- perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

Exuding Confidence, Tastefully

I understand that many of my clients have kids so thinking about displaying a boudoir portrait feels…wrong. Well, I get that! I have many appropriate outfit ideas below that won’t scar them for life, I promise! But here’s the thing, when you’re showing how confident you are, you’re modeling that attitude of self love and acceptance to your kids. I’m no child expert, but it will likely help your children feel more confident in themselves if they see how confident you are in yourself!

Outfit Ideas for the wall portrait

Now let’s talk about how to choose the right portrait outfit that’s self-esteem boosting AND appropriate for young eyes!

Comfy Sweater and Knee High Socks

Comfy sweater and knee high socks- perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL
So you can radiate confidence while feeling cozy!


Pink bodysuit paired perfectly with a chambray long sleeve - perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St Louis
A personal and fan favorite! Just like a swimsuit! Good American is a favorite of mine for a gorgeous bodysuit!

Lingerie with a Robe

lingerie covered up by a black robe - perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis
Exude that self-esteem with a little modesty.

Your Legs

gorgeous legs with patent heels- perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL
Legs are actually perfect for wall portraits!

Now is the Time! No More Excuses and No More Regrets

I know this sounds cliché but you are perfect the way you are– there is only one of you!  And honestly, life is too short and is worth celebrating. How many years have you wasted giving excuses like wanting to lose though 10 pounds, growing out your hair, or waiting until after running a marathon so that you look ripped, etc. Do you remember the first time you thought this? I do– I was in college. What!? I would give anything to look like I did in college now. You are as young as you will ever be right now! Your body is worth celebrating– it does amazing things for you! Every minute of life is a gift, and they are too precious to waste on regrets.
Comfy off the shoulder dark blush sweater and knee high socks- perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

Final Thoughts

Of course a lot more is involved in having a strong self-esteem and sense of self, but I promise you that boudoir photography is an amazing way to not only pamper yourself but also help you realize how awesome and beautiful you are!

If you’re ready to schedule your boudoir session and treat yourself to a beautiful album and portrait, click here to send me an email at !

St Louis Boudoir Photography | Ali

standing against wall posing boudoir

The strength of a woman can’t be measured by her workout routine. It’s not measured by how heavy the laundry basket she carries is; nor is it based on how many kids she wrestles to cook for, clothe and get ready on a weekday morning. While all of these are things Ali does do, they’re not true measures of how strong she is. Perseverance, fierce love, and devotion are the true signs of her strength. This is a St Louis Boudoir photography client I’ll never forget. Her story is captivating and the results of the shoot are what keep me loving the boudoir photography business!

posing on bed with sheets

woman doing sexy pose on window


About Ali

Ali is a single mom who works day-in and day-out to support, take care of, and love her family with all she has. She’s a hard-worker from O’Fallon IL and is only in her thirties. But even at her young age, she felt like she was getting a little burnt out. The wear and tear of day-to-day life can be rough on anyone; but when you add kids to the mix, life gets really tough. Through sheer willpower and endurance, Ali has tirelessly kept on and persevered.

boudoir woman gazing out of the window

boudoir lying back on couch

At a certain point, though, she lost any and all focus on self-care and didn’t ever get any “Ali time”. She knew she needed a day that was all about her. In order to take care of others, you need to have some time where you can take care of yourself; even spoil yourself every now and again! Ali contacted me to book her St Louis boudoir photography session to find confidence in herself again. She needed that extra boost to rejuvenate and restore that amazing strength she possessed.

bare shoulder boudoir photo over the shoulder smile photo

The Shoot

Ali met me at my St Louis boudoir photography studio, anxious and excited to get started. As always, with my clients, we began by getting her relaxed and giving her some much-deserved pampering. I found out that a few days before, she had received Dysport injections at Pure 111. She confessed she never thought this type of skin-care was for “a person like her”… but it was so cool she did it! To really put yourself out there and do something out of your comfort zone is awesome.

boudoir pose on white couch

white fur rug boudoir pose

bare shoulder boudoir photo

lying casually on couch

The results were incredible, as her beauty was radiant throughout the photo shoot. Her fair skin shone gorgeously as the lighting hit it perfectly. Her alluring curves were exciting to shoot as we played with different poses and looks. As an avid John Mayer lover, we had a little fun with the shoot as she chose to wear one of his shirts as an outfit. She was sexy as could be. Slowly, I saw a girl who came warn, tired, and unsure of herself blossom into a strong and powerful woman right before my eyes.

cleavage boudoir photography

boudoir sheets covering body

magenta bra and panties

sexy john mayer shirt

rule of thirds boudoir pose

boudoir black bra white button up shirt

magenta panties and high heels

The Aftermath

Ali left her St Louis boudoir photography shoot feeling refreshed and carrying a new attitude. Her self-confidence was restored and she learned this: sometimes mama’s gotta put herself first! Later, at the ordering session, we were looking through her breathtaking boudoir photos. Tears of joy welled in her eyes as she saw the photos. The persevering, devoted, hard-working woman she truly is translated wonderfully in her pictures. Ali is a strong woman in so many ways; after this photo shoot she is now more confident and sure of herself than she has been in a long time. Ali is a force to behold and I’m so glad I got to be her boudoir photographer.

woman opening her gift

holding a hand written note

woman looking at her photo

woman looking through her boudoir album

Ali later contacted me to give a review of her experience. Here is what she had to say:

“After my initial meeting with Tracy, I KNEW she would be the photographer I would chose for my boudoir photo session. Tracy has a calm, reassuring aura about her that instantly put me at ease. Not only does Tracy produce beautiful work, she personifies professionalism. I am extremely grateful for Tracy and her talent- she captured me in ways I had never seen myself before-and it has done wonders for my self confidence. After my photo shoot with Tracy, I left her studio feeling BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT- two words that I never thought I’d use to describe myself. Not only do I have a BEAUTIFUL album and wall portraits to document this chapter of my life, I also made a friend:)”

I’m so grateful to be your friend, Ali!

If you’re interested in booking with me, contact me here and we’ll get in touch and talk about how we’re going to bring out your inner fierceness. To check out some more of my work, here is a previous blog post you can check out about Keely the NICU nurse!


2017 Favorite Boudoir Photos & GIVEAWAY

I don’t know about you but 2017 flew by for me! As we roll on into 2018, I want to take a moment to celebrate and reflect on 2017 favorite boudoir photos. But let’s talk about celebrating 2017 first– I have something special for you!

Celebrating 2017 with a GIVEAWAY

One lucky lady will win a 1 hour session with hair and makeup and a $200 print credit! A $400 purchase minimum applies but there are payment plans available!
How to Enter– Email me at and let me know
– Why do you want the session
– Who the session is for
– What do you want to wear
– Your hair and makeup ideas
Enter by – 1/20/18 at 10PM
Winner must schedule the session in February 2018

My 2017 Favorite Boudoir Photos versus Instagram’s Favorites

There have been so many amazing women in the studio this year and I loved working with all of them! There are a few photos in particular that come to mind as my favorites of this year. While I have my favorite photos, I was so curious to see what what my top 9 were on instagram this year and see how it compared to my favorites!

Instagram’s Favorites

My favorites compared to what was liked the most on instagram always surprises me! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these photos– it’s just fun to see what had the most likes on instagram compared to what my personal 2017 favorite boudoir photos are!
Instagram’s top 9 most liked photos// 2017 favorite boudoir photos/ Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

MY Favorites

While I really love these above, my very favorites are different than instagram’s top 9! I feel like the photos below show my style- classy, timeless and sexy! In no particular order, here are my 2017 favorite boudoir photos.


Crimson Red bralette– perfect boudoir look!/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St Louis
Here’s Gillian from our session in November. She has so many great photos it was hard for me to choose! I absolutely love this bralette.


Maddie Moore wearing the cutest outfits always– a blush bodysuit with a chambray long sleeve/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St Louis

You can always count on Maddie to bring the cutest outfits. You can see some of Maddie’s fitness looks here.


An all black lingerie outfit paired with a the perfect black robe– a favorite boudoir look!/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis

Katie’s outfit was one of my favorites. An all black ensemble is a dream, especially when you pair it with a robe. And her complexion is to die for!


While I’m all about what clothes to bring to a session, white sheets can always complete a boudoir outfit!/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

Ashley’s look is so gorgeous and striking. While I’m all about what clothes to bring to a session, white sheets can always complete a boudoir outfit!


Loving this all lace red bodysuit/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St Louis

I love Vi and this all lace bodysuit! While I’m normally not a fan of bright red, Vi’s complexion really worked well with it! On the opposite end, I did a shoot with Vi in mostly black and white– see more photos here.

This is the perfect subtle and sporty outfit for Card’s fans. Black bra, a cute flannel, converse sneakers, and of course, the Cards hat!/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos // Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis

While I love Vi’s lingerie looks, this is the perfect subtle and sporty outfit for Card’s fans! I love mixing it up in the studio.


A shot with just legs– get the look with a crop top, black lace panties, and tan patent heels/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL
Isn’t this photo of Jenn gorgeous? Jenn’s legs are Ah-mazing. I love this photo so much it is hanging in the studio!


Gold criss cross top with matching bottoms in a favorite pose!/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos // Boudoir by Tracy Brown St Louis
I’m sure you all know that I love gold, so this really stood out to me. The lighting here is perfect, too and hits Sarah so beautifully. Plus this pose is EVERYONE’s favorite. 🙂


White sheets for an implied nude/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos // Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis

Here’s is a breathtaking photo of Ali with one of my favorite accessories– white sheets. I love finishing a session with my client in the white sheets for an implied nude. Don’t worry, you will still have underwear on!


White bra and panties lace set– perfect with these angles and lighting!/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos // Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

White bra and panties lace set– perfect with these angles and lighting!/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos // Boudoir by Tracy Brown St Louis

Here’s Rachel in what is probably my VERY favorite series of the year. The light, the angles, the white bra and panty set. This is perfect for any occasion.


An all white bodysuit with a nice tan!/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis

Sarah is stunning! As much as I love color, there’s something to be said for the timeless neutrals. All white bodysuits (with a nice tan) always win on my gray wall.

Cozy outfit with a timeless pose– dark blush comfy top with cute knit grey socks/ 2017 favorite boudoir photos// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

I love this cozy outfit and obviously this is one of my favorite poses of the year since it made it in the 2017 favorites 3 times. It is classy and timeless.

Cheers to 2018!

I love that this time of year is about reflection and fun! Looking back on the year is such a treat and I hope you enjoy my boudoir giveaway! Be sure to enter by 1/20/18 10 PM CST! And I wish you a very happy 2018!

Also, it’s not too late to schedule your Valentine’s day Boudoir session! I only have a few slots left in January so email me now at to schedule your session!

A Holiday Reflection– Reason for the Season

Reason for the Season

I don’t know about you but this holiday season and blown by. It’s been a whirlwind of wrapping up this fiscal year as well as wrapping those gifts. It’s so easy to get wrapped (pun intended) up in the chaos and anticipation of it all that sometimes I find it hard to just slow down to appreciate and enjoy the reason for the season. This is why I’m taking a moment to pause and reflect on this Christmas season.

My family during the holidays// A reflection on the season// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

Living in the Moment

This time can definitely be stressful but I hope you can take time to breathe, relax, and revel in the lovely yet fleeting moments with your family and friends. I so often feel a pressure to be “on the go” to find gifts, get them packaged just so, and do all the other things on my list. But when it comes to Christmas or whatever brings you with your family, it is just so rewarding to slow down to enjoy your company. I know this probably sounds very yogic but lean into the moment to be present. Try to let the peripheral happenings of work, stress, etcetera stay peripheral– you can pick it back up after the holidays.

Having fun in the Moment

While spending time with family is my favorite part of this season, be sure to enjoy the other joys of Christmas and winter time! Those Dirty Santa and White Elephant games only come around once a year– have fun with them! And be sure to enjoy any fancy holidays parties and let’s not forget about those special gingerbread lattes that you can only get now! While it feels like it’s getting dark at 3pm and winter can feel a little blah, it’s a time of celebration and can be really fun if you let it!

My family during the holidays// A reflection on the season// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St Louis

Capturing the Moment

While I hope you are fully enjoying the moment, don’t forget to snap some photos! They don’t have to be fancy– just whip out your trusty film camera or iphone! You can get some great photography tips for the holidays from my blog post here. While I try not to be constantly taking photos, I’m so grateful for the photos I have of my family, especially of my grandpa who left us earlier this year.

Be sure to capture the special moments during the holidays// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL

So this holiday season, grab your loved ones, give them a big squeeze and live in the moment. I hope you enjoy your holidays with your loved ones and fill up your cup with all the positive and happy feelings to fuel you for your 2018!

Don't forget the reason for the season– A candid with my family at dinner// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL


And if after the holidays you want to treat yourself to a boudoir session, email me at 


STL Bridal Hair and Makeup // Blowout Bar

When my clients ask me for the best STL bridal hair and makeup for their weddings, I always point them in the direction to Blowout Bar in Downtown St Louis; which isn’t too hard since they’re only a half-block away from my boudoir photography studio! They serve as my go-to hair and makeup team for my shoots, but they also specialize in weddings for your STL bridal hair and makeup needs. I’d love to share with you all about this awesome establishment, and tell you about some of my own clients’ personal experiences with the amazing Blowout Bar!

stl bridal hair and makeup curly hair photo

All About Blowout

Amanda Boatman and Nichole Merkel are the driving force running the Blowout Bar, a top-rated STL bridal hair and makeup vendor. They are all about bringing innovation and inspiration to the beauty industry. The people who work there pride themselves on impeccable and professional hairstyling for any occasion, especially wedding days!

On your big day, Blowout Bar encourages you to “take over [their] whole salon”, beckoning you to come and sit back for relaxation over a glass of champagne while their professionally trained staff takes the utmost care of you! As the perfect STL bridal hair and makeup wedding vendor, these ladies really know how to go all-out with the blowout… I mean, it is in their name, after all! They are proud of their luxurious space where they’re able to beautify you in a way unmatched. With various signature styles from classy Cabaret to a spunky Spritzer (a quirkier, sassier look,) you’ll want the Blowout Bar to be your STL wedding hair and makeup team.

stl bridal hair and makeup white off the shoulder shirt photo

Testimonials From Clients


Keely is a beautiful woman from St Louis. She works tirelessly as a NICU nurse. This is one of the more difficult careers, as it wears on your body, mind, and soul. After hours upon hours, days upon days, and weeks upon weeks on end… Keely got to a point where she needed some serious pampering. Being an STL NICU nurse is such a noble and selfless profession; but when you spend most of your time caring for others, you must find time to care for yourself. . .

Cue Blowout Bar! They are not only an STL bridal hair and makeup salon– they specialize in pampering anyone. That includes NICU nurses, brides, someone needing some girl time, anyone! Keely’s experience at Blowout Bar was just what she needed for rejuvenating her soul. And, she got a day to just feel pretty and feminine again.


Jennifer is a mom, wife, and works as an esthetician and at Pink Lemon Studio as a dance instructor. Talk about having a full plate! Jennifer knew she was running on fumes and needed to recenter and get some time away from all the hustle-and-bustle. I’m so grateful she gave me a call to book an STL boudoir photoshoot, as I got to meet this fierce lady and take some amazing photos! (Check out my blog post featuring her and those boudoir pictures here.) I use Blowout Bar as my go-to team, so we got to make this hard-working mommy feel sexy, special, and look as amazing as she felt! We had a great time shooting her boudoir photography over some mimosas. As she donned her most sensual outfits, she had the perfect hair and makeup to fit the style of our session.

stl bridal hair and makeup sports bra grey photo

So maybe you’re looking for a quick hair blowout on your way to an important job interview. Perhaps want to have a girls day out and have a little bubbly while getting your hair done together. It could be that you need your makeup done before the big party going on later this evening. Or, the most paramount of occasions could be happening: maybe in just a few more hours, you’ll be walking down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams. Blowout Bar will always be my top recommendation for St Louis hair and makeup. They are, the best STL bridal hair and makeup salon. This is why I use them almost exclusively for my boudoir photography sessions.

stl bridal hair and makeup laying on chair photo

Telling isn’t selling– so I urge you to book with them today and see for yourself! While you’re getting beautified, also consider contacting me to talk about doing an STL boudoir photography session together. With all the confidence the salon will instill in you, you’ll want to capture it all on camera!